DarkLogic AI - Managed Detection and Response Solution (MDR)

No complex pricing structure. Detect Real-time Threats. Track Vulnerabilities. Meet Compliance and get your own Security Engineer.

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Top 250 MSSP (x2!)

FiberWolf LLC was selected among the Top 250
Managed Security Service Providers worldwide for a second time in a row


Secure your enterprise with

DarkLogic AI


Email Security

Prevent phishing attacks and gain insights into your email security.


Threat Detection

Discover malware, botnets, viruses, C&C, attacks and more inside your Network.


Vulnerability Tracking

Continuously assess all your assets for complete Risk Management.


Darkweb Exposure

Leverage Deepmind’s access into the dark web to find out enterprise exposure and data breaches.

Our platform leverages Continuous Security to increase cybersecurity efficiency and automation.

Penetration Testing

Let FiberWolf perform advanced vulnerability analysis including PCI-DSS certification.


Ensure compliance with industry regulations, disaster recovery and business continuity documentation.

Dark Web analytics to protect your sensitive data.

FiberWolf’s local Security Operations Center offers 24/7 monitoring and response by certified security personnel.

Hacking Forensics

Computer investigation and detailed forensic analysis for potential legal evidence or root-cause analysis.

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